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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 20, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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tirelessly for any survivors before it gets dark. in many cases, neighbors helping neighbors helped pick through what's left of hopes and buildings. more than 38,000 people are without power. here's the scary part of the storm. the tornado was on the ground for more than an hour. >> you lose your home, go live with mom and dad. mom and dad loses their home, live with sis. she lost her home so the whole family is just kind of stunned. >> oklahoma's governor just announced rescue dogs are being brought in to help with those search efforts. chief meteorologist paul deanno has been dissecting the deadly tornado and joins us in the weather center. >> using an elementary school as an example, if your child's elementary school is a mile from your house, imagine this. the width of this tornado as we have a graphic to show you was from your house all the way to the school. it was a mile wide. the winds within that mile corridor were more than 200 miles per hour making this
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the strongest of the categories of tornadoes, rated a 5. this was an e f-5. this was a gas station.this next piece of video we are going to show you is the elementary school. half. schoolof the school is intact, the rest is gone. our thoughts and prayers to all the parents and kids. the morning started off sunny in oklahoma city and look what happened. things blossomed here because we have one of the stronger fronts we have seen in several years and the front separates very warm and humid air coming up from the gulf of mexico amend on the other side cold, dry air coming down from canada. where they clash, you can get a widespread tornado outbreak and that is exactly what we had in the general area and
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the tornado threat will continue moving into arkansas, louisiana and texas. people may be wondering why don't we see that here because we have air mass changes? that is so warm and humid and so cold and dry we don't get those extremes and if you don't, you're not going to see those storms. that was intense today. >> all right. again, 51 people now confirmed dead and paul, we are going to have more on the tornado damage and the aftermath coming up at 6:30 tonight. in other news tonight, yahoo is paying a steep price to get in with the younger generation. the search engine is paying a billion plus to buy tumblr, a hip social blogging site. kpix 5's len ramirez is joining us live in sunnyvale from yahoo headquarters with details on why this could be a game changer for the struggling internet company. len? >> reporter: elizabeth, we have seen a lot of acquisitions over the years here in silicon valley. this is one of the more interesting ones. we're talking about two very different companies, two different online communities, one of them a silicon valley original, the other a startup
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out of new york city. the question tonight is, will yahoo mix well in a tumblr? it's the deal that has silicon valley talking. >> it's a smart acquisition by yards. >> reporter: a deal bridging a generation gap between a big old school website. >> they are going for the demographic. >> reporter: and the newer cooler more mobile social network. >> i'm concerned. known what they are going to do with it. >> reporter: yahoo agreed to acquire social blogging site tumblr for $1.2 billion. they had to do it to stay relevant in a changing marketplace. >> yahoo has been shopping around for a large site that can infuse it with more youth, mobile users and much more content. tumblr is a logical choice. >> reporter: tumblr has about 300 million monthly users 120,000 new members every day. about 900 new blog postings every second. yahoo's ceo marissa mayer called the deal a game changer for yahoo. >> we couldn't be more
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excited. >> right now it's an 18-year- old brand that lost its mojo. by bringing in tumblr in all those users and content, it's possible for yahoo to be reimagined as a truly 21st century rather than 20th century website. >> reporter: mayer stated that yahoo promises not to screw up tumblr. she says it will be run as a separate company with its current management still calling the shots but some users have their worries. >> tumblr is a free space where we use it for pictures, videos and everything relating to the college experience so i feel like yahoo might limit that maybe take away what makes tumblr free. >> reporter: yahoo does want to better monetize tumblr. >> we use tumblr as a way to tell everybody about our story. >> reporter: one mobile app creator who uses tumblr to blog about his product hose the merger will create more users and business. >> reporter: one of the big
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reasons yahoo wanted tumblr is that it's growing so fast right now. elizabeth, in any event, in the past year, it has tripled its number of mobile users and those mobile users are the ones that yahoo really wants to get because mobile is the future of the internet. >> totally. it's a huge audience there. now, len, does this mean there are going to be a lot more ads on tumblr from now on? >> i think that's safe to say. you're going to see more ads on tumblr. right now if you look at it, it's almost ad-free one of the big attractions for this website. it's a community where people get on, they put their blogs and their photos and their videos, and they don't have to deal with all the ad space. that's probably going to change because yahoo spent a lot of money on this company and want to make the money back and have to do it through advertising. >> thank you. new at 6:00 tonight, apple has avoided paying billions of dollars in income taxes in the u.s. a government panel has found that. the tech giant is apparently
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holding some $102 billion in cash overseas. according to a report from the senate permanent committee on investigations, it's all legal. however, lawmakers say some of the company's tactics are raising questions about loopholes in our country's tax code. apple's top executives are set to testify about that strategy at a committee hearing tomorrow. a 5-year-old girl was killed in a rollover crash in richmond this morning. police say she was not in a child safety seat nor was she wearing a seatbelt when she was thrown out of the suv. only the driver was buckled up. five others in that car including another child and a teenager suffered moderate injuries. the crash happened around 8 a.m. on the richmond parkway near hilltop mall. surrounding streets had to be closed for several hours. the suv was found in the middle of the road with the windshield shattered and its back end dented. >> if you are going to have small children or anybody else in the car they need to be bolted or
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in a child seat. -- seatbelt or in a child seat. >> investigators say speed was a factor in the crash. they say the girl might have survived if she was in a car seat or wearing a seatbelt. a deadly accident this morning in san jose. a teen riding his bike to school wasn't wearing a helmet when he hit a pickup truck in a crosswalk. they are investigating the incident and trying to figure out who had the right of way. it happened at around 7:30 this morning on east capitol expressway and silver creek road. the 16-year-old was a sophomore at silver creek high school which is a couple of blocks away from where the accident happened. the pickup truck driver did stop and is cooperating with the investigation. it's horrible. anytime you know you travel on a roadway, we always urge drivers and bicyclists to always be cautious when they are driving. this intersection in particular is one of our busiest intersections in the city. >> grief counselors were
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brought to silverado high school to help students cope. this is san jose's 14th deadly traffic accident this year. a high school football player died in a hail of gunfire in east palo alto. the bullets pierced this car that 16-year-old jose-luis quinones was sitting in outside his house lat night. three other boys in the car were shot but survived. those boys went to jose's house to tell his father what happened. >> we heard that my children was inside we didn't see my son i went outside to the car and he was there. >> jose's father says the car belonged to someone else so he believes that the homicide is a case of mistaken identity. so far, no arrests. other bay area headlines, a man who fell from a roof at a bay to breakers watch party has died. police say the 28-year-old man accidentally fell from a three- story building yesterday
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afternoon. the man worked at the san francisco-based company demand force. fire season starting extra early in the bay area. this afternoon, crews from six agencies spent about an hour getting a four-alarm vegetation fire in orinda under control. at one point, the fire threatened homes and other buildings but none of them burned. crews are mopping up and watching for hot spots. no word on the cause of the fire. pretty tough for firefighters to do their job during times of intense heat and drought. as john ramos reports, the bay area is officially in the midst of the "d" word. >> there's not a lot of green left right now and things are drying out faster. >> reporter: jan knoll is a weather consultant and says with no real rain since december, the east bay hills are turning brown early this year. something else is turning brown. this map of california shows the bay area is now officially in a drought. as of the beginning of may, the
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u.s. drought monitor says northern california has slipped from abnormally dry to a condition of moderate drought. but hold on. >> drought is a very relative term. it means different things to different people. >> reporter: he says water agencies that deliver to cities and towns may have a different standard for the "d" word than, say, farmers or wildland firefighters. with very little snowpack remaining, the water agencies are depending on what has already directed in the reservoirs. but those levels look good right now. >> lake oroville is at 103% of normal. >> reporter: the contra costa water district gets water from the delta and stores it in loss vie carrows reservoir. they say there is never enough to be wasteful. >> statements about drought will certainly heighten public concern about the availability of water, and if it gets out a message to use water wisely, you bet that's a good thing. >> reporter: but null is uncomfortable with the designation especially when a city like san francisco has actually had a higher
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percentage of normal rainfall this year than last. >> for it to be universally called a drought now, you know, is kind of a disservice. i mean, it sort of takes abay way from when we're -- it takes away from when we're really in a drought. >> reporter: the real drought is when you don't have enough. as we live on the water we've banked in the past, another dry year to begin to make that a reality. in the east bay, john ramos, kpix 5. >> as we head into the driest time of the year and our rain deficit continues to climb this will be a story that will only grow in importance. it's a sigh of relief in a way. but it leaves a lot of questions. >> her boss just turned in her resignation after being accused of misusing public funds. we asked a bay area city manager if his assistant is being forced out. >> has it been worse than this? >> no. i haven't seen anything worse than that right now.
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>> but in order to ease the gridlock, would you be willing to dig into your pocket? how drivers might have to pay just to get into san francisco. >> and coming up at 6:30, a former bay area police officer convicted of dirty dui arrests finally learns his punishment. ,, ,,,,,, ,,
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controversial coming and go it's official. one of richmond's top leaders is out. linda yee on the controversial coming and going. >> reporter: wrapping things up, that's what richmond's assistant city manager and human resources director leslie knight will be doing until her resignation effective july 1 >> did you ask her to leave?>> i --all of this is really a personnel matter. >> reporter: knight resigned
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under fire after a city investigation found she violated policy including double dipping, using a city car, the black prius in her driveway, and still taking a $450 a month car allowance. investigators also said knight improperly directed city workers to make gift baskets with trinkets from her side business during city time and storing them in city offices. earlier this year, some city residents demanded knight be fired. she knew she was facing disciplinary action. >> ranging from -- from nothing if there was nothing that was found to a counseling all the way up through and including termination. >> reporter: you can't tell me if termination was on the table given the findings that they found? >> no, i can't. >> reporter: knight was also guilty of retaliating against her whistle-blower, city library assistant financial manager stacey plummer. >> it's a sigh of relief in a way, but it leaves a lot of questions. >> reporter: plummer says she refused to work for knight's
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side business and she is not happy that knight, who makes an estimated $220,000 salary, gets to resign with a full pension. >> you can misappropriate funds, you can be the hire-er, fire-er, executioner and then have a big retirement after you have done the taxpayer wrong. >> reporter: well, leslie knight did have to pay the city back $10,800. after she leaves the position won't be filled. the boss says she is disappointed with knight but can work with her until she's gone. is it awkward? >> uhm, it's, uhm, you know, it's certainly different. >> reporter: well, leslie knight did have to pay the city back $10,800. that is the amount she took when she was double dipping in the car allowance perk. liz? >> now, linda, do you think the whistle-blower in the case will
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push for further action or is she done,. >> reporter: she is pushing for further action. she is wondering if the district attorney will continue his investigation into possible criminal charges. >> all right. not over yet. linda yee in richmond, thank you. well, the city of san francisco could be facing nonstop gridlock in the near future. now a long discussed alternative is being looked at once again. kpix 5's mike sugerman in san francisco with the pros and cons of what's called congestion pricing. >> reporter: we have a giants game tonight. the embarcadero is jammed trying to get to the freeway, it's a mess, crossing market to get to union square. you don't want any part of it. you know something? this is nothing! these are the good old days. just wait a couple of years. is it me or is this the worst traffic we have seen in san francisco for years? >> it sucks. >> reporter: somewhat inelegant but it's a popular view. has it been worse than this? >> no. i haven't seen anything worse than that right now.
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>> reporter: cabbies know. they sit in it all day. caused by the frenzy of construction san francisco hasn't seen for years. >> it's a good sign. we want our economy to grow and it's great that people want to be here. >> reporter: but when they come, they come with cars and unless traffic is cut by one- fourth of what planners believe, san francisco could be in a state of deadlock. >> we want to plan ahead for that. we want to plan thoughtfully for it. >> reporter: what if it cost you 3 bucks every time you cross this street? would you? or would you just ditch the car and take a bus or not come downtown at all? it's the idea behind congestion pricing. they do it in singapore and london. you pay a toll every time you cross into an area they would rather you not drive. >> it's absurd. >> reporter: it's not popular with drivers and planners say it's just one suggestion bouncing around again along with more bus-only lanes, bike paths, or carpooling. with the money raised by charging to get downtown, upwards of $80 million, you can
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pay for some of that. >> even if we're able to shift some trips off the streets because of better transit or better bicycling, there's more traffic that's going to take its place. >> reporter: they have talked about it for years and it has come up again. it is a hard sell. but maybe the closer we get to permanent gridlock, people may be driven to reconsider. this comes up -- well, two years ago was a big report then just last week it came up again at a hearing. three bucks coming into town, three bucks going out of town. maybe broadway, maybe market. they haven't got the details yet. but something has to be done because the way that they planned this, a lot of cars in san francisco something has to give. >> we have been talking about this forever. why don't they do something? >> reporter: what do you do. there are a lot of people on bikes and buses. they need more people doing all that stuff. >> and the central subway will solve some problems, won't it?
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>> reporter: central subway is causing problems now getting built. maybe it will take people out of their cars. that's left to be seen. >> another piece of the puzzle. thank you, mike sugerman. paul deanno live outside overlooking the bay bridge on another warm day. >> even the city almost hit 80 degrees. over my shoulder some cirrus cloud cover. that's the leading edge of the change that's moving through. now, oklahoma city saw a front today that spawned some f5 tornadoes. we will have a front all that's going to do for us is drop our temperature down but it will be a sharp drop and it will get windy around here not just in the city like it is right now. take you outside the kpix 5 kpix 5 mobile weather lab with alcatraz off in the distance behind the lab. we took it out to crissy field because we have seen a sharp temperature drop as the sea breeze kicked in. we gone from the upper 70s to the low 70s in a matter of minutes and that cooler air will spread all the way inland. if you were in the 90s today away from the water, you'll be 20 degrees colder this time
6:21 pm
tomorrow. let's review some of the highs from today. healdsburg you hit 92 degrees. gilroy 91. concord and mountain view 89 degrees. kiss that good-bye because of the big change coming up tomorrow. now, this change will not involve any rainfall. kpix 5 hi-def doppler is completely dry. no rain coming. a little cloudy overnight tonight. satellite and radar review shows a large area of low pressure sitting offshore. as it gets closer, it will crank up the onshore flow and drag down some air all the way from the arctic, this stuff was literally over the arctic circle about two or they days ago and now it will be moving into northern california. bottom line, it's going to be much cooler starting tomorrow. here are some highs tomorrow. oakland 80 degrees today. 67 tomorrow. san jose from near 90 down to 72. downtown san francisco only 62. and livermore and vallejo only in the low 70s. here's your extended forecast. now, mind you, it's not going to be cold. not even going to be cloudy. we are going to have sunshine all the way to the coast. not going to have that morning fog but it will be chilly relative to normal especially compared to the past couple of days. i'm looking at low to mid-70s
6:22 pm
inland through the holiday weekend. mid- to upper 60s near the bay. and highs hanging out right around 60 at the coastline. so the winds of change already blowing into san francisco and the city and those winds of change will be howling tomorrow. 20 degrees colder by tomorrow afternoon. reporting from the rooftop of kpix 5, chief meteorologist paul deanno. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. and we're continuing to follow breaking news out of oklahoma where schoolchildren are being pulled out of the rubble as the school is leveled by a tornado. the astonishing amount of damage from a mile-wide twister. at this time tomorrow, we'll know if the bay area is going to host "super bowl l." what it's going to take to seal the deal. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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n.f.l. at this time tomorrow we're going to know if the bay area gets to host "super bowl l" in
6:25 pm
2016. nfl team owners meet in boston tomorrow morning and vote on whether the league's half century celebration happens in south florida or san francisco. the odds-on favorite to host the nfl's championship game in three years is san francisco. and the 49ers' soon-to-be completed new levi's stadium in santa clara you'll even hear that in miami the other city in the running. but last week, the cheers were especially loud in the city by the bay. >> we are the city that knows how to throw on a great sporting event. we are the city that knows how to party. we're the city that knows how to entertain millions from around the world. >> reporter: for more than half a year san francisco's bid committee has been putting together the plan and some big companies are in on it including googling apple and the gap. $30million has been raised to help san francisco seal the deal. on friday business and elected leaders in south florida upped their pool of money to 36.5 million dollars. but the single reason why most people feel miami won't get the
6:26 pm
game? the florida legislature did not act on a proposal to help pay to renovate the old miami dolphins stadium. the bay area has not hosted a super bowl since 1985. and that game was played at the old stanford stadium. san francisco actually beat miami that year. >> and the 49ers are leaving the miami dolphins in the rear view mirror. >> bill walsh. here's how it goes. tomorrow if there is not a two- thirds majority winner on the first vote, a second vote will be taken and a simple majority will decide the host city. the city that doesn't get the super bowl in 2016 competes against houston for the following year's big game. >> all right. we'll keep our fingers crossed. it will be fun. coming up in our next half hour, the search for survivors after a mile-wide tornado touches down. >> our car is where our house was. everything is gone. [ crying ] >> entire neighborhoods wiped out near oklahoma city. why rescue crews have almost no
6:27 pm
chance to rest. >> former bay area police officer convicted of dirty dui arrests finally learns his fate. >> i take it very seriously and that thing is not going to open unless it's ready. >> we asked governor brown if he thinks the new bay bridge span is going to open on time.
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now at 6:30: buildings on fire. entire neighborhoods wiped out. and right now, a search for survivors - after tornad it's like "twister." horses and stuff flying everywhere. >> now at 6:30, buildings on fire, entire neighborhoods wiped out and now a search for survivors after a mile-wide tornado touches down. chief meteorologist paul deanno has been studying the storm and watching the video come in from oklahoma. he begins our coverage. paul. >> the more video we see the more information we get, it makes us shake our head at the size of this storm. a one-mile-wide f5 tornado. let's give you the latest numbers from oklahoma authorities. 51 people have been confirmed killed. we are told that children are among the people killed today. the number of injured much higher, one hospital alone has 60 patients being treated right now. all of this is a monster tornado as i mentioned one mile wide 200-mile-an-hour winds
6:31 pm
tore through the city of moore, oklahoma a suburb of oklahoma city to the east of there. let's show you hard hit areas. first up an elementary school. folks, that is an elementary school or what's left of it. that's just -- it's gut- wrenching as an parent of an elementary child to to think of children in there. this is interstate 35, it tore up the asphalt of the road. you can see all the debris. i-35 obviously closed. this is a medical office building where cars were lifted from an adjacent parking lot and some of them ended up inside the medical building, 5,000-pound cars picked up and moved inside that medical office building. we are not sure about injuries there. just major, major destruction coming from oklahoma today. rescue teams combing through the debris hoping to find anyone that's still trapped in the destruction. cbs reporter marlie hall takes us to ground zero in moore, oklahoma. reporter: a woman stand trapped in the rubble of a house just minutes after a
6:32 pm
devastating too bad tore through parts of oklahoma. winds destroyed scores of homes and at least two schools. one home was engulfed in flames while fire an rescue crews focused -- fire and rescue crews focused their efforts on finding and saving residents. much of the town of moore, oklahoma, is now in ruins. >> our car is where our house was. [ crying ] >> everything is gone. >> reporter: the mile-long twister touched down around 3 p.m. near oklahoma city and raged for almost an hour. >> this has turned into a massive tornado as you can see these live pictures. >> reporter: when it was over, the damage was overwhelming. residents were seeing running through fields of debris that just minutes before were neighborhoods. even seasoned storm watchers said it was one of the most devastating they have ever seen. monday's storm came a day after the nearby town of shawnee was struck. at least two people died, dozens of others injured. >> husband looked at me, and we've got a daughter 12 and son 6 now, and he said, we're getting a storm shelter at any cost. >> everybody in this state
6:33 pm
needs to i have ashelter. they're worth -- needs to have a shelter. they're worth every penny. >> reporter: more strong storms are expected giving residents and rescue crews little chance for rest. marlie hall for cbs news, moore, oklahoma. >> i was working as a meteorologist in san antonio, texas in 1999 when the big oklahoma city outbreak there happened back in may of 1999. 50 people died. this one tornado today killed more folks than that four-day outbreak. that's it. we'll have our local forecast coming up in about 10 minutes. he was a bay area cop so dirty he drew national attention. and today, looks like a judge tried to make an example out of him. he is the former commanders of the narcotics enforcements team. norman wielsch. he made a plea deal asking for no less than 10 years in prison and pleading guilty to five felonies including sell drugs, robbing prostitutes and making phony arrests.
6:34 pm
the u.s. attorneys office would then drop six other felony charges and ask for 14 to 17 years in prison. then wielsch got a new attorney and defense strategy and asked today for home confinement. >> in norman's mind, he has been unfairly singled out because he's a cop. and as the cord said, you know, i need to sentence in such a way that the public, you know, doesn't lose respect for the courts and can trust its police officers who know that there's hell to pay if they get caught doing something. >> the judge didn't hand out the harshest sentence that she could have. but she did make it clear as a former police officer he needs to go to prison. so she sentenced wielsch to 14 years. it's believed he will spend at least 12 years in jail. the judge fined him $150,000. well, it's a pretty big issue. i drive across that bridge. >> but will the new span open on time?
6:35 pm
we catch up with governor brown and ask him that very question. >> i seen people doing things they shouldn't be doing. >> how your neighbors can spy on you even in your own house and it's perfectly legal. original recipe? dad, i think you ate the bones. i did what? you ate the bones! i ate the bones? i ate the bones! i ate the bones! [ male announcer ] kfc original recipe, now available without the bone. freshly prepared white or dark meat chicken, boneless and skinless. get 4 delicious, mouth-watering pieces in your next 10 piece mixed bucket for $14.99.
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involved in a car chase and have some breaking news out of oakland. we'll go to chopper 5. stay with the pictures as long as we can but right now authorities
6:38 pm
searching for at least one suspect involved in a car chase and a crash. now, according to the alameda county sheriff's department, the chase started along 580 but ended on camden and mcarthur. they have set up a perimeter. they have the police dogs out there helping them search and we'll keep you updated on the story as we get the details. governor brown says he is digging deeply into questions surrounding the safety of the new bay bridge. phil matier asked the governor questions today. >> reporter: do you think it will be open labor day? >> i'm not going to predict. first, we want to make it safe. >> reporter: that was governor jerry brown today raising the specter that questions about the bolts used in the key sections of the new $6 billion bay bridge span may in fact delay its opening. >> i take it very seriously and that thing is not going to open unless it's ready and engineers are telling me that they are doing the kind of work that will be needed for that. >> reporter: gone was the, stuff happens, attitude that the governor displayed when it was first discovered that 32
6:39 pm
bolts had snapped and that serious questions were being raised about another 92. >> look, these bolts fail, they got to go look at the records. some of those records are 10 years old. one of the companies was from texas, another one from ohio. we have to dig through to get the records to know what's there and then they have to test all these bolts and make sure the bridge will be safe. >> reporter: brown's comments come as tests are still being conducted on the questionable bolts with a final decision tentatively scheduled for later this month. they also come just after a report was published in the "sacramento bee" raising questions about possible corrosion problems on steel tendons on the bridge as well, a problem bridge builders say they have already dealt with. >> this was an issue that we encountered back in 2006-2007 during construction. we took precautions to protect the steel tendons. we coated them with a powder to protect them from corrosion. this issue of corrosion only affected less than 2% of the steel tendons in the skyway. the skyway is safe.
6:40 pm
>> reporter: the governor, however, wants to be sure. so you're personally getting involved in this? >> well, it's a pretty big issue. i drive across that bridge, too. >> reporter: as the governor said some of the questions being raised date back to 10 years ago. and reconstruction who did what when is proving to be a bit more difficult than they anticipated. on treasure island, phil matier, kpix 5. >> and kpix 5 is the official television station for the bay bridge opening ceremony. as of now, the countdown to labor day is still on. we're watching and keeping you updated on the progress of the new eastern span. coming up, a sneaky way your neighbors can spy on you for just $300. and it's legal. >> good evening, to you. meteorologist paul deanno from the rooftop of kpix 5. it's not only going to be windy in the city come tomorrow. wait until you see the temperature drop. i'll have it in the forecast coming up. i'm dennis o'donnell.
6:41 pm
coming up, why vogelsong is no longer topping the charts. >> i think he is very, very close to getting back to where he was last year. >> how local race car driver is getting his second chance. >> i don't even belong on this planet. >> don't you hate when this happens? >> through the perilous night -- >> don't forget about sports. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hem to keep an eye the military isn't the only agency using drones. cal fire uses them to monitor hot spots. peta will keep an eye on hunters and these days your neighbor might even have one. tonight, we show you the legal way people could be spying on you. with the homeowners' permission, we launched our drone and shot this video from the backyard not close to the fence line but clearly you can see in the next-door neighbor's yards. we bought this drone at the brookstone store at the mall for a little over $300. the company's website says, it has sold more than 66,000 of them. it comes with two hd cameras one at the bottom, one at the front. you control it using an app on
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your ipad or smartphone. [ buzzing ] >> reporter: even hobbyists admit the cool factor of having your very own drone comes with privacy concerns. >> i seen it on the internet. people doing things that they shouldn't be doing. >> the drones really range in size. everything from the size of a small insect to the size of a jet aircraft. >> reporter: jennifer lin. is an attorney with the electronic frontier foundation which two years ago filed a lawsuit forcing the government to release information on how it uses drones. but more and more private citizens are getting their hands on drones. >> i certainly understand and share that concern about privacy. i have a swimming pool, too. >> reporter: a professor teaches at uc-davis and uses this remote-controlled aircraft to spry crops in hard-to-reach hillside vineyards. right now he is only using water but eventually he hopes to spray pesticides but even his testing requires an faa permit something a private citizen with his own drone is not required to have.
6:46 pm
>> at this point we're a public agency looking at the technology and cunning research. but there is a commercial right behind us. your neighbor next door with a go pro camera on their drone is a different concern. >> reporter: a huge privacy concern to some especially if your neighbor decides to fly near or over your property and decides to turn the drone's camera into your house. >> by 2015, the faa is going to be opening up the skies to commercial drones. that means everybody from google to news corp could be flying a drone and by then we need regulations on how organizations should be flying drones. >> reporter: lynch says immediate privacy protection should come from the state. >> any kind of voyeurism statute on the state or federal level would apply to civilian use of drones so we need to look at those statutes and see
6:47 pm
if they can be applied. >> reporter: until then, keep your shades drawn. >> the faa expects there will be 10,000 commercial drones in the air by 2020 and who knows how many of those consumer drones. >> times are changing. paul deanno live outside where the weather is changing. hot today but tomorrow another story. >> what a change it's going to be because so many folks were in short sleeves in downtown san francisco because realmost got to 80 degrees earlier today but now already that sea breeze is kicking up and it's not going to let up for six or seven days despite the sunshine. here's a live look at kpix 5's kpix 5 mobile weather lab. we are at crissy field tonight. one of the spots that went from hot to not in very short order. as soon as that breeze shifted back to an onshore flow. 77 in san francisco today. but now we are down to 61 or 62. and boy, is it breezy! high temperatures today fairfield you took the cake 95 degrees out on the delta. pittsburg 92. san ramon 92. novato almost made it to 90. hayward 83. as i said downtown san francisco presea breeze made it
6:48 pm
to 77. here's where we'll go tonight. a mild night couple of degrees above average because of cloud cover. we are not going to get any rain from the front but it will be windier and cooler tomorrow. san francisco down to 53. concord and san jose also 53 degrees tonight. a large strong area of low pressure is diving down from the arctic. this low literally was north of the arctic circle about three days ago moved over alaska over british columbia out in the northeast pacific heading toward northern california. what it's doing it's grabbing cold air wrapping it around the low and then shoving it here. by the time the air makes it here it modifies. it's not going to be cold air but it will be cooler. as we move forward in time the cooler air mass will move overhead, breezy and cooler tomorrow and then the low drops anchor offshore. it's not going to move. so our weather is not going t change. chilly through the memorial day weekend. so inland, you're not going to have one day in the 80s after the 90s today. a week of highs only in the
6:49 pm
70s. in the city after almost hitting 80 today not making it to the 70s for the next week and this is interesting at the coast would you think a strong onshore flow would make you cloudy? well, guess what. you're going to have sunshine because the air and the water temperature difference won't be that much. you will gets lots of sunshine at the coast in this particular pattern unique. highs tomorrow san mateo only 68. sunnyvale 61. campbell only 72 down from 90 today. walnut creek from the upper 80s down to 74. dublin hitting 72. napa still mild but not the 90 you had today. only 76 tomorrow. santa rosa your high 73. alameda 66. downtown san francisco today 77. tomorrow only 62. here's your extended forecast from kpix 5. you want consistency you got it. low to mid-70s inland all the way through the weekend. mid- to upper 60s near the bay through the weekend. as i said it will be sunny at the coast no morning fog but it will be chilly and breezy with highs only around 60. so back out here live breezy in
6:50 pm
the city and that breeze and that chill will be pushing all the way inland overnight tonight and tomorrow. we have sports coming up next. stick around. ,
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
vogelsong was talking about movi made dennis o'donnell has sports. >> what a roller coaster career for vogelsong. it wasn't long ago that ryan vogelsong was talking about the movie that might someday be made about him. >> but i'm picking who is playing me. i don't know at this point but he would have more hair than me, i know that. >> vogueing song's story has gob from feel good to horror. the giants right hander is allowing over 8 runs per game over 8 starts. now his job in the rotation
6:53 pm
could be in jeopardy. he will face washington tonight. he needs a huge game and his teammates have his back. >> he has been doing a tremendous amount in his career and made him stronger and made him work hard. that's made him get mentally tough and that's part of the reason why he has success in 2011, 2012. and i don't think anybody in this clubhouse or any of the coaches if they are worried, everybody will saying he will come out of it. he worked and doing all the right things and very close to getting back to where he was last year. >> vogelsong isn't the only guy on shaky ground. any raiders starter must be wondering about his future as the organization continues to rebuild. they are getting the message. head coach dennis allen said 98% of the roster participated in the team's first practice of the year. maybe the most important addition is the quarterback. matt flynn acquired in a trade with seattle. he expects to be the starter. now, the raiders are going to need the name tags. there are 21 players that doesn't include the rookies.
6:54 pm
they have added two pro bowlers and one former super bowl champion but there are many positions to be won. >> every position is open really unless your name is dan mcfadden. >> we huddled up, a lot of new faces. it's different but i'm excited. >> to the ice. kings coach gerald sutter is born plain and simple. has shown zero emotion through the first three games against the sharks. what got his blood boiling today somebody stole his glasses. >> it's not been a good day. i lost my glasses this morning and i had to go buy a pair of $79 reading glasses. [ laughter ] >> 79. 79 bucks. you literally get them at costco three for 20. [ laughter ] >> i love it. despite trailing the series 2-
6:55 pm
2-1, the sharks vision for beading the kings tomorrow night at the tank is 2020. >> i think if you ask any guy in the room we think we're the better team. it's a surprise that we're down 2-1 but no one is talking about that we're not worried. the story of the week this guy los gatos native aj allmendinger will start. the legendary owner gave him another shot after he tested positive and was suspended for the banned substance adderall last year. >> i let what happened on saturday or sunday dictate who i was as a person on monday through the rest of the week and i was unhappy. i didn't like who he was as a person. it was a point to where i'd have a bad race and feel, god, i didn't belong in the series or didn't even belong on this planet. i would be that down about myself. >> i was a sponsor at my
6:56 pm
nephew's confirmation for the weekend and the music went on for hours but at least they knew the words. unlike this poor girl who starts our plays of the weekend. ♪[ music ] >> bright stars through the perilling night what so ever we take and the dawn light will be -- >> embarrassing. not as embarrassing as this. the billboard awards nailed the fan in the head. the marlins are in desperate need of better attendance in the new ballpark. we brought the circus to town. the collision, but the catch. carmelo anthony hasn't seen a rejection like this since his senior prom. adam rosales hit a home run. we'll put a clock on rosie, watch him sprint around the bases. how long will it take? elizabeth? guess.
6:57 pm
>> 11 seconds. >> 12 seconds. >> eh. >> 13. >> maybe. >> 14. >> it took him 16 seconds to run the 360 feet. that's what he does. he sprints around the bases when he hits home runs. as are leading texas right now. 3-1 in the 6th inning. >> good. thank you. update at 11. >> i remember the words to that. >> never forget it. >> pressure. handle it well. all right. thank you. well, we have monitoring the latest from oklahoma where a mile-wide tornado struck this afternoon. much more on that tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. >> the latest is 51 people confirmed dead but we'll be watching that number and the rescue efforts. so enjoy your evening. see you at 11:00. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
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joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! steve: welcome to the show, folks. hey, everybody, thank you for coming. welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day, from atlanta, georgia, it's the adams family. audience: [cheers and applause] steve: and from flower mound, texas, it's the gackle family. audience: [cheers and applause] steve: let's go, give me marcia, give me jeremy. steve: guys, here we go. top six answers on the board. name something a teenage boy wants his parents to buy him. jeremy. >> a car.


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